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Coleridge in 1795 by Peter Van Dyke. Painted by request of his Bristol friends and admirers.

The Coleridge Memorial Project began life in 2009 as a working party of the Ottery St Mary Heritage Society designed to raise local and wider appreciation of the poet and philosopher Samuel Taylor Coleridge, especially the fact he is a native of our town Ottery St Mary, Devon, UK, and a pupil at the local King’s School. The Coleridge Memorial Project – now CM Trust – was incorporated as a separate not-for-profit body in April 2010 and we are a registered Charity (Reg No.1148199).  We conduct much of our business by email, but we do meet occasionally as required by our constitution, and minutes are filed for those meetings, available to members on request. There is more information about our aims and ambitions on this website but if you would like to be more actively involved please contact us.

The Sculpture Project and Fundraising, 2018

Rationale for the sculpture project

There has long been a wish in Ottery St Mary that the poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge, born in the town in 1772, should be appropriately memorialised in sculptural form close to his birthplace.

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Mock-up of Samuel Taylor Coleridge statue and its siting at St Mary’s Church [click on image for a larger view]