Coleridge Exhibition Banners

March 2012 saw the completion of ten Coleridge Memorial Project [now CM Trust] portable exhibition banners featuring detailed text and images about the life and work of Samuel Taylor Coleridge. These have been on prominent show at both St Mary’s Church, Ottery St Mary – most recently at our Fundraising launch – and at The King’s School, Ottery.

Written by CMT members Mike Ferguson, Nick Pruce and Chris Wakefield, these banners are, next to The Poetry Stones, a significant physical production by the CMT to celebrate the life of Samuel Taylor Coleridge.

Clicking on the ‘CMT Exhibition Banners’ link below will allow you to see and scroll through a large pdf format of these banners, with crisp written text as well as the wonderful compilation of complementary images by Chris Wakefield. Not quite the same as seeing these full scale banners in situ, but the information and presentation are still well worth exploring here:

CMT Exhibition Banners