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October 2011

Photo gallery below (Photographs by kind permission of Phyllis Baxter)

CMP Candlelit Supper
CMP Candlelit SupperNov 17, 2011Photos: 16
CMP Coleridge Lunch
CMP Coleridge LunchNov 17, 2011Photos: 30

Candlelight Supper, Coleridge Lunch, Guided Town Walk, Opening Service and Evening Presentation in St Mary’s Church and Poetry Reading in Ottery Library, October 21st and 22nd 2011

CMP Guided Town Walk
CMP Guided Town WalkNov 17, 2011Photos: 2
CMP Opening Service
CMP Opening ServiceNov 17, 2011Photos: 10
Library Poetry Reading
Library Poetry ReadingNov 17, 2011Photos: 9
CMP Evening Sound and Light
CMP Evening Sound and LightNov 17, 2011Photos: 13