Poetry Stones

This is a pictorial narrative [with captions] of the creative and physical work by the then Coleridge Memorial Project to complete The Poetry Stones plan. These present Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s entire poem ‘Kubla Khan’ engraved in granite kerb stones from China and installed at the Land of Canaan in the town of his birth, Ottery St Mary.

It also features the Completion Celebration held on June 4th, 2012, which was the climax of over two years work by the CMP. Mr Tom Mayberry, Chairman of the Friends of Coleridge, was our Guest of Honour and officially opened the ceremony.

Fuller written details about the poetry stones and events leading to this special day can be found throughout the site. As we currently seek to raise funds for the Coleridge Memorial Statue we are particularly proud of this prior achievement, both in the impressive manner it honours Coleridge in the town of his birth and in the way it demonstrates our ability to achieve our goals.

Granite in China waiting to be shipped to the UK to be engraved by stone masons Williams and Triggs of Newton Abbot, Devon









Stones now engraved








Further engravings of ‘Kubla Khan’








Work begins to prepare ‘trench’ for laying the poetry stones at the Land of Canaan, Ottery St Mary










First laying of poetry stones








From left: Chris Wakefield and John Pilsworth observe the physical fruition of this wonderful project









Granite poetry stones now in place










View of the stones from the beginning of the poem









The beginning of ‘Kubla Khan’ in its celebratory curve















Launch maquee ready for the speakers. Selection of CMT mobile banners in the background – these had recently been completed.








Tom Mayberry, Chairman of the Friends of Coleridge, opened the Poetry Stones Completion Celebration Event








CMP Chair at that time, Chris Wakefield








CMP Honorary Secretary at that time, John Pilsworth










Lord Bill Coleridge








Councillor Paul Diviani








Ottery St Mary Mayor Glynn Dobson








Laurie Palmer as Samuel Taylor Coleridge










Left to right: John Pilsworth, Chris Wakefield, Councillor Paul Diviani, Sheila Walker – Samuel Taylor in the background








Left to right: Glyn Dobson, Bill Coleridge, Tom Mayberry, Pam Coleridge








Rosemary Coleridge Middleton and Family








Large and appreciative crowd in attendance