The Poetry Stones

The Coleridge Memorial Trust has now installed an engraved copy of Coleridge’s remarkable poem “Kubla Khan” along a granite Kerb beside a new path that runs across a park area called the Land of Canaan, in Ottery St Mary – the town of Coleridge’s birth.  The path leads to the new Coleridge bridge over the River Otter and on to the King’s School, Ottery St Mary, where as a young boy Coleridge was a pupil while his father was the Master.  At nearly 70m long, we believe this to be “the longest line of outdoor poetry in the world.”

The necessary funds were raised from the Making It Local AONB fund, from the Heritage Lottery Fund, from the town of Ottery and from Coleridge enthusiasts everywhere.

To make sure we were recognised by our funding agencies as a committed community interest group, local fundraising for the project was essential. We did not have a huge target to reach – a minimum of £3100 was required. In the end just over £5000 was raised over the summer of 2011. Our grateful thanks to all who made a donation.  The list of “Appeal Supporters” can be viewed from the link in the left hand column below under “Coleridge Memorial Trust.”

Read the Kubla Khan (link below) and ponder what it means… or look at the sample and artists impression in the Photo Gallery