A sculptural commemoration of Coleridge?

Since the beginning of the Memorial Project, we have hankered after a fine piece of sculptural work inspired by the life and work of Coleridge. We have already been successful in making a memorial to his poetic skills with the Poetry Stones on the Land of Canaan in Ottery St Mary, but there is still a gap in our dreams of paying proper tribute to STC in his home town.

We know this will be hard. But we also think it is achievable if we can find the right people to help us. We now have six sculptors keen enough to proffer help with our early development work. Members of CMP will be involved in the detail and ongoing commentary that will be needed to steer us to success. We also have a fundraising effort that will begin in earnest in the Summer of this year.

There is no better or more exciting time to become a member of CMP. At the July AGM we will look for a slight change of name to Coleridge Memorial Trust to reflect our charitable status and to confer a more weathered complexion to our organisation. There will also be a proposal to raise subscriptions from the current £5 to £10, with the caveat that existing members who joined less than 6 months prior to the change will not be required to renew until June 2015.

If you have any ideas or comments on this project or want to keep in touch, please email stcinottery@gmail.com and ask to be added to the supporters list for emailed news updates.

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